4 January 2011

The Fairly Current Show | Edmund Bon

The Internal Security Act has been receiving much attention of late, with high expectations that the Home Ministry will be tabling amendments to this controversial law during the current Parliament sitting. However, civil society groups have been fighting to draw more focus on two other laws that also allow for detention without trial.

We speak with human rights lawyer Edmund Bon, who explains that many more Malaysians are currently detained without trial under the Emergency Ordinance Act and Dangerous Drugs Act than the ISA. He also speaks about ongoing initiatives by lawyers to demystify the Constitution and make legal matters more approachable to the general public.

Edmund Bon is a human rights advocate and lawyer, and Chairperson of the Bar Council’s Constitutional Law Committee. He is actively involved in several legal and civil society projects, including PerlembagaanKu / MyConstitution and Loyarburok.