2 November 2011

Hear and Now… in Malaysia | #9 Looking for a Class Act

Quality EducationEverybody it seems to have an opinion about this week’s topic. What makes a truly world class, quality education? Everyone has a different opinion on what it should be, but most agree we don’t have it. Our correspondent Ezra Zaid goes in search for what makes a quality education.

Ezra speaks to some interesting Malaysians; a political scientist and historian, a Malaysian surgeon practicing in California and an active commentator on Malaysian education, a technocrat working on education reforms, consultant and soft skills trainer, an educationalist and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education. We asked them what they thought about quality of education and the reforms needed to prepare a student population that is ready for competitive . Ezra also turns to Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on TED, a creativity expert.

Photo courtesy of Zhi Wei.