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Hear and Now… in Malaysia | #10 Celebrate success, celebrate failure

Celebrate success, celebrate failure 1Celebrate success, celebrate failure 2Celebrate success, celebrate failure 3On this week’s episode we will be taking a look at unconventional thinking, at innovation and competitiveness. Malaysians must be innovative in order to be competitive on the world stage. Or is that really even important? Isn’t it good enough to do the same old thing and be happy with our local market? We found some examples of unconventional thinking in ice cream, Silicon Valley and with a group of local undergrads who were finalists in a major competition, but you’ve probably never heard of them.



Hear and Now… in Malaysia | #9 Looking for a Class Act

Quality EducationEverybody it seems to have an opinion about this week’s topic. What makes a truly world class, quality education? Everyone has a different opinion on what it should be, but most agree we don’t have it. Our correspondent Ezra Zaid goes in search for what makes a quality education.

Ezra speaks to some interesting Malaysians; a political scientist and historian, a Malaysian surgeon practicing in California and an active commentator on Malaysian education, a technocrat working on education reforms, consultant and soft skills trainer, an educationalist and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education. We asked them what they thought about quality of education and the reforms needed to prepare a student population that is ready for competitive . Ezra also turns to Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on TED, a creativity expert.

Photo courtesy of Zhi Wei.



Hear and Now… in Malaysia | #8 Rubbish


Rubbish. We are surrounded by it, in our drains, along our roads, in our rivers… But whose problem is it? Yours, Mine, Government, Future Generations? As we hurtle towards becoming a developed nation, can we honestly consider ourselves developed if we are still surrounded in filth? Follow us as we journey through the trail of rubbish and discover what plans are in place to deal with it.



Hear and Now… in Malaysia | #7 Tamil School

Kids at their deskIMG_0988When Umapagan Ampikaipakan first spoke about an episode on Tamil education I listened with trepidation. Will this episode be a long 20 minute rant about all the things gone wrong, all that is inadequate and all the unsatisfactory outcomes from the 523 Tamil schools in this country.

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Hear and Now… in Malaysia | #6 Rivers

Rivers 1Rivers 2This episode reminds us about how rivers bring life to our city. And in effort to find out more about whether or not we can restore and revive our rivers again, Kam Raslan speaks to anglers who are dreaming of the day they could fish in the city again, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) and DBKL who have a gargantuan task ahead of them not only from an infrastructure and enforcement point of view but also in public awareness and education. And a surprising discovery of hope through a pioneer private initiated river vitalisation project carried out by Guinness Anchor Berhad together with the Global Environment Centre and communities living around the Sungai Way, in Petaling Jaya. And so this is one of those topics we should never stop talking and thinking about for the simple reason; rivers bring life.

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Hear and Now… in Malaysia | #5 Herbal Abundance

Herbal Abundance

Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Misai Kuching; with about 6000 other medicinal plants our jungles are a giant pharmacy. But does our herbal industry have a future? Is its potential being tapped effectively? We speak to celebrity cook Chef Wan, researchers at FRIM, Eu Yan Sang and award winning author Mohana Gill as we appreciate the world of local herbs. Produced by DotDotDot, brought to you by BFM in collaboration with the Economic Transformation Programme.



Hear and Now… in Malaysia | #4 Will Our Tigers Roar Again?

Will Our Tigers Roar Again 1Will Our Tigers Roar Again 2This week we tackle Malaysian football. From its zenith in the 80’s, to its darkest days in the 90’s. And now maybe, just maybe, something to be proud of again. In the process, we spoke to people in the local football scene and also fans on what needs to be done to restore local football to its glory days. Produced by DotDotDot, brought to you by BFM in collaboration with the Economic Transformation Programme.

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Hear and Now… in Malaysia | #3 Project Malaysia

Project Malaysia (2)Project Malaysia (1) This week we take a look at the country as it greets its 48th Malaysia Day. We’ll take a brief look at the past but mostly we’re going to try to look at the future. We’re going to meet three groups of individuals (Serambi, UndiMsia, EPIC), young Malaysians who are just a handful of the young Malaysians taking it upon themselves to shape their own destinies and perhaps the nation’s. Produced by DotDotDot, brought to you by BFM in collaboration with the Economic Transformation Programme.

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