21 November 2011

Blog | Will Our Tigers Roar Again?

Ours is a football loving nation. But after the golden age of local football in the 1970s and 1980s we’ve had very little to rejoice and plenty of disappointments. For a good 20 years the greatness of the Harimau Malaya did not exist in our psyche, locked away in a distant unfamiliar past. Lost to a generation of Malaysians who grew up with football in the 90s as the English Premier League filled our homes with heroes from a Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal… the list goes on, all but our local team.

The world of football represents a microcosm of Malaysia. Corruption and match fixing seeped into the world of football. Killing it, wiping out talent and turning away fans from the local league and the national team. But change is taking place.We decided to look into the world of local football because more than anything we believe just as Malaysia is going through change, the football team and league is also transforming. Fans and those on the pitch and in administrative roles will have a role to play in reviving local football.

Since the lead up to the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup (formerly known as the ‘Tiger Cup’) which our Harimau Malaya went on to win we’ve been paying more attention to our national team. They’ve been drawing in the crowd. It is a beautiful game that will bring down the divide and bring us together. Will our Harimau Malaya roar again? I think we will but we will have to stop looking back to our glorified past and start focusing on the future.


Nova Ceceliana Nelson

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